Welcome. Since you’re here, we know you share our love for the game. We also know that as an athlete your road to success is a long and hard one. Moments of joy, some bad luck. You need passion, drive, courage, determination, will, ambition and talent to develop as a player or coach. It’s hard work to build a successful career in football.

Are you looking for genuine personal and professional advise? A-Group offers all- round guidance and long term career management. What do you need at any stage of your career? We help you take the right decisions at the right time. We make our experience and expertise in professional football work for you. Sounds like a match? Get in touch.


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And proud of them! A-Group creates the right environment for players to truly focus on their career. They can fully commit to the game. We stand behind them with: our team of experts, our international network of top level contacts and our guidance fueled by our own experience in international football. The player is at the center of everything we do. That way, we nurture a qualitative life, both during and after the player’s career.

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A-Group offers career management for professional players and coaches and
their environment. Our advise is based on a thorough analysis of your personal aims and your development on the field. Together we think long term.

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one vison, one goal