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You need passion, drive, courage, determination, will, ambition and talent to develop as a player or coach. Your road to success is a long and hard one. Moments of joy, some bad luck. How can we help you build a successful career?


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Career Planning
All of our clients deserve the right sponsors, matching their personality and values. A-Group has a strong network for partnerships and has developed a tailored approach. We create a tangible win-win situation for our top players/personalities and the sponsors.

A-Group is in close contact with sports directors, coaches, youth trainers and coordinators of clubs. We have the right information to give the best possible advice. We work alongside the player’s family. We start from our broad expertise and passion to offer personal guidance and comfort. We know what it takes for talented players to create a durable career as a professional.

What do you and your entourage need today, tomorrow and in a few years? We work to create an optimal environment for our players and their family. Together we anticipate to every phase in the player’s career. We evaluate mutually set ambitious but realistic goals. Our methodology is unique and offers best practice in player guidance.

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Agents Tom De Mul & Yama Sharifi with Ignace van der Brempt & Charles De Ketelaere


In case of transfers abroad, we go the extra mile to accommodate our players. A-Group wants to be a real caretaker for players in a new environment. Activating our international network of valued contacts, we facilitate a local mentor to help the player integrate.

Transfer Negotiations
Contract Negotiations

A-Group negotiates contracts for players at the highest national and international level. We know and understand the market through and through. We bring all of our experience to the negotiating table. There we make the difference for you: we put the player or coach first, think long term, and look for the perfect match.

We negotiate excellent financial and legal conditions for our players and coaches. We rely on a broad and multi-disciplined network of contacts. A-Group has a strong financial foundation. That’s how we focus on the player’s entire career plan in every negotiation.

Agent Yama Sharifi and Tom De Mul with Vincent Janssen

Agents Yama Sharifi & Tom De Mul with Jan Vertonghen

Financial Planning
Mental Coaching

We’ve lived and shared both successes and setbacks. And so will you. That’s why we proactively support our players in every possible situation. We are always there for the player. We look back on our extensive experience as top league players, we know what’s in your head and heart. Moreover, we have experienced mental coaches in our team for extra individual action.

You can count on us for guidance in your financial planning. A detailed analysis is the start. We map out the financial situation of our players. Together with our financial planning division, we build a thorough and flexible plan. The focus is on the future and on a comfortable life during and after the player’s career.

The 4 pillars of our approach:

- Personal guidance
- All-round expertise

- Full transparency

- Strong visualisation of asset management

Establishment of durable relationships

The financial life of a top athlete should match his real career flow. We aim to develop a plan from scratch that evolves as the career of the player develops. This way, we anticipate to important changes and are able to adapt adequately to unexpected situations.

Image Building

Of course image matters. A-group offers advice on personal branding for players. We can coach you in terms of media training, PR and image building.

Agents Tom De Mul & Yama Sharifi with Mousa Dembele 


A-Group empowers clubs in scouting of both upcoming and settled professional players. We work in close and confidential contact and start from the club’s philosophy. We aim to get the right player to the perfect club and negotiate a transfer in a win-win situation.

Dietary Advice

Agents Harry Lemmens (left), Deco and Joao with our agents Yama Sharifi & Tom De Mul

Healthy food is crucial to develop optimally as an athlete. It is your fuel for top performance and the foundation of optimal recovery after training.

Medical Guidance

When we consider transfer options, we take the club’s medical framework into account. In some cases, a player needs extra support, to adapt to treatment and recovery. A-Group helps you get the best medical guidance.

Screening Raf Smekens